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Flower Friday - I beg your pardon...

I never promised you a (garden) rose garden... But hey, I'm gonna try:) (Now that I've gotten that Lynn Anderson song stuck in your sister loves when I do that) - it's finally Friday folks! Hope you’ve all had a great week so far. For this Flower Friday, I'm going to share a little bit about garden roses!

They're a favorite of DBG's to use and great because they're available year-round. We use them all the time and in so many different ways. They are a fuller looking rose, they come in all different colors, and they can be a great substitute for peonies when they're out of season. Hey, I call that a win, win, win! Below are some of the ways we've used them in our work.

Over the years we’ve used different kinds of garden roses, but one of our favorites is David Austin. The company is a family run business that began in the '50s by David Austin who, along with his son and grandson, still continue to create beautiful roses today. He started out breeding shrub roses and became known internationally for his work. Later he focused on creating roses for the florist industry - breeding a style of rose that combined the fragrance and layered petal look of roses that were popular in the 19th century.

Garden roses have a more globular shape to them and a denser layer of petals. I think they have a more softer, romantic look to them than a traditional rose, making them perfect for use in wedding arrangements.

They make such lovely statements in many different kinds of styles - bouquets or tables.

Garden roses make great additions to any design. Their many colors and lush, full blooms can really make an arrangement stand out above the rest.

We'd love to help you incorporate them in your next event or big day! Now, back to that song...

...along with the sunshine, there's gotta be a little rain sometimes...ya don't find roses growin' on stocks of clover...(no you don't folks)...So you better think it over...

Happy Friday!!!

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